Virus Removal New Orleans / Metairie, Spyware Removal, Trojan Removal, PC Cleanup

We offer virus removal (PC & MAC) in New Orleans, Louisiana.  If you have a bad virus that just won’t go away, our virus removal computer service will take care of that. This computer repair service is focused on detecting and removing tricky viruses that sometimes bypass even the most popular anti-viruses. At a glance, our New Orleans, Louisiana virus removal service takes care of:

  • Restoring or removing a corrupt internet browser
  • Restoring or removing corrupt computer files
  • Removing Trojans, Spyware, Ad-ware, Viruses
  • Removing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)
  • General computer clean up and optimization
  • We also check your firewall and security settings, etc.

Beware of Fake Virus Removal Software

If it pops up out of nowhere, don’t buy it! That is a safe rule of thumb when it comes to fake virus removal software. Online scammers often try to get people to buy fake “virus removal” software that is actually malicious. Random and unusual “virus scan” pop ups are usually associated with fake virus removal software. So don’t buy it! It’s better to take your computer to a computer repair expert in your local area, or bring it to us, if you live in or near Metairie, LA. Getting virus removal online when your computer is already infected is risky, to say the least.

Minimizing Malware Damage

When you have a computer that’s infected by viruses and Spyware, we recommend virus removal as soon as possible. If left on a computer for too long, viruses can cause further damage to your computer. This leads to expensive computer repairs. Spyware puts your privacy and personal information at risk. Refrain from doing any online banking and other similar activities until you get virus removal service.

Virus Removal Turnaround Time

The turn around time for our virus removal computer repair service is usually about an hour. However, in some cases, malicious software like the infamous Trojan horses can delete or hide data files. So we may need to recover the hidden or deleted files in addition to the virus removal service. We have experience dealing with such computer problems; so we generally can get your computer fixed within 24 to 48 hours.