Laptop Computer Repair (PC & MAC) Metairie | New Orleans, LA

Laptop repair is one of the computer repair services Fixit Tech Suite offers. Whether you need your laptop to be cleaned up and optimized, or you need a laptop screen replaced, we can do that for you at a very reasonable cost!

Laptop Repair New Orleans, LA – What We Can Do

The first thing that we do for laptop repair is assess the problem to see if it’s worth fixing. It makes no sense to pay almost the same price for a new laptop to have your laptop fixed.  Even though we have very reasonable labor prices for laptop repair in Metairie Louisiana, the cost of new parts might make laptop repairs a bit spendy. We assess what is needed to repair your laptop in order to come up with the best repair solution or other options. We provide the following laptop repair services in New Orleans Louisiana because they are reasonable and cost effective:

  • We replace broken laptop Screens
  • We replace laptop keyboards
  • We replace faulty laptop fans
  • We can replace laptop hard drives
  • And, we can replace laptop DVD/CD drives

We can also upgrade laptop RAM, fix errors and software glitches. That’s most of the laptop repair services we offer for New Orleans, LA.

Laptop Mother Board Repairs

Even though we can replace laptop mother boards, we don’t recommend it as often because it is not always a cost effective solution. But, we can do it if you really need it.

Laptop Computer Repair, Or Get A New Laptop?

If you are trying to decide if it’s time to buy a new laptop, or you could still save on laptop repairs, we can help! Sometimes the cheaper solution may be to buy a new laptop, since they are getting cheaper, and have us move your data files to the new laptop. We provide free consultation that can help you make that decision. We are pro cost effective solutions whether it’s getting your laptop repaired, or buying a new laptop. We work to get you the most “bang for your buck!” So, if you need laptop repair in Metairie, LA, or some other computer related technical assistance, give us a call; we will be happy to help.